Law Changes

Changes in the Sale and Supply of Liquor Act 2012;
(Legislation reprinted on 18th December 2013)

This is only a summary of the most notable changes that event organisers and license holders should be aware of. It does not outline the whole or complete Sale and Supply of Liquor Act 2012, just some of the changes made when the document was amended/reprinted as of 18/12/13.

  • 8am – 4am on-premise licence
  • 7am – 11pm off-premise licence
  • More liquor ban areas
  • Breach of liquor ban is now an infringement offence
  • Ban on dairys selling alcohol – but grocer is ok
  • Exposure in shops is reduced – one area/non-prominant/specials reduced
  • Local communities have more say on hours of sale, quantity and licence conditions  for the outlets in their area
  • Licence fee is risk based and set by the Local Territorial Authority who are now  the decision makers
  • Licences are harder to get and easier to loose – repeat offenders are penalised
  • 3 strikes and you’re out for managers and licence holders
  • Must be only parent or guardian to supply minors

Special Licence requirement changes:

  • Large scale events are included
  • Maximum hours of sale do not apply
  • No special licence will be issued if another one will suffice
  • Fee structure changes
  • Off-premise special licences will only be awarded to manufacturers and distributors
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