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Things to think about regarding an Alcohol Management Plan.


  • Nature of event
  • Historic data of previous similar events
  • Expected number of attendees
  • Event location
  • Surrounding areas
  • Layout of venue/event
  • Patron supervision and harm prevention
  • Pre-loading and side-loading prevention strategies
  • Entry and exit control systems
  • Wrist banding
  • Pass outs
  • Crowd mood and patron profiling
  • Medical cover and chill out areas
  • Security cover
  • Adequate lighting
  • Emergency procedures
  • General tidiness during event – rubbish and sanitation
  • Water supply
  • Patron foot traffic flow
  • Vehicle traffic control
  • Shelter from weather for staff and patrons
  • Many varied activities planned for patrons


  • Staff induction, training and care
  • Bar staff
  • Gate staff
  • Security staff

Food and Beverages:

  • Type and conditions of licence and consent
  • Age and access verification
  • Intoxication monitoring
  • Bar queuing system
  • Providing and promoting food and low or no alcohol beverages
  • Water promotion
  • Hours of sale
  • Drink sizes
  • Alcohol % of beverages
  • Drink pricing
  • Serves per patron


  • Licence, consent and funding applications
  • Pre, during and post event briefings and analysis with all organisations involved
  • Pre-messaging and branding
  • Promotion of event and signage at event
  • Communication systems

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