Alcohol Management Plan

Let’s look at it from the patron’s perspective; especially in regards to their immediate benefits. What are they trying to achieve by attending the event? We can look at how those needs are met in a safe, enjoyable, and efficient way.

I specialise in the planning and facilitation of alcohol harm reduction for large events.

Let’s create strategies that encourage patrons to make healthy decisions in regards to their personal well-being whilst enjoying your event. Thus causing minimal impact upon community resources (emergency services) and ensuring a successful event.

Let me facilitate the collaboration of many organisations to share information and implement a fine tuned, well thought out formula for a safe and successful event. Having multiple organisations involved during an event planning process is important. Necessary organisations could be:

  • Event Organisers
  • Bar and Security Staff
  • Venue Managers
  • NZ Police
  • Maori Wardens
  • ACC
  • City Councils
  • Regional and/or District Health Boards
  • Event medical providers
  • Industry Associations
  • Surrounding residents
  • Community groups

Happy patrons = $$$

It is in the event organisers best interests, financially and morally, to install a sound alcohol management plan.  Happy safe patrons will be back to spend more money on future events and the surrounding community will be happy to have you back.



Jenny George

Alcohol Management Coordinator